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Welcome to Personal Financial Planning and Investment Management!




Smarter Finances = Enjoy Your Life Again!

“I help you make smart decisions about your money 

so you can start enjoying your life again.”  

-Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®, RICP®

Dear Fellow Physician and Friend,

Welcome to Physician Wealth Solutions!

I'm Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®, RICP® and I’m a financial planner and investment advisor for physicians, and owner of Physician Wealth Solutions, a registered investment advisor.  I'm also a physician myself. Through financial planning and investment management, I help physicians make smarter decisions about your money.

Face it:

Practicing Medicine Is Already Tough!

Not Having a Financial Plan Can Make It Even Tougher.

Because I’m also a physician, I’ve experienced firsthand the financial, career, and lifestyle challenges and frustrations you face.

I retired from practicing medicine before age 40 so in my opinion I know what it takes to start solving the financial and investment challenges and frustrations you face -- and I’m excited to help you do that as well.

I have a FREE gift for you: Your FREE Financial Coaching Consultation.

In this session we’ll review your finances and investments, point out mistakes you might be making, and create an action plan to start fixing those mistakes. We’ll also figure out whether we want to work together and have me be your financial coach.

Learn more about the consultation and how you can sign up by clicking here: FREE Financial Consultation.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re repeatedly blamed for the rising cost of health care and events you have no control over

  • You’re held to a standard of perfection almost no other occupation is held to

  • You feel like you're accused of being a “rich doctor” who makes “too much money” and who isn’t paying your “fair share” in taxes

  • You’re the scapegoat for bad patient outcomes 

  • Someone else is controlling what you get paid 

  • You’re threatened repeatedly with paycuts and potential lawsuits

  • You’re drowning in regulations and paperwork and clicking on computers all day long -- and you’re sick of it

I know how you feel -- I've been there.

In my opinion, if you get your personal finances and investments in order, you may be able to practice medicine on your terms (or walk away), and perhaps reduce some of that stress and anxiety from your life.

Start getting an action plan in place with your finances and investments!

Start by signing up for your FREE Financial Coaching Consultation.

Answer These 10 Questions

  1. Do you feel like you've lost your autonomy in medicine and have control over almost nothing?

  2. Are you frustrated with the endless paperwork, government and insurance company bureaucracy, and the hassles of electronic medical records?

  3. Do the threats of paycuts and lawsuits make you sweat?

  4. Are you getting burned out from practicing medicine and wish you could cut down on your workload if you had the financial means to do so?

  5. Are you tired of being blamed for rising health care costs and being accused of not paying your "fair share" in taxes and making too much money?

  6. Do you lack a clear direction or a systematic process for managing your investments and finances?

  7. Have you made big financial and investing mistakes by managing your investment portfolio by yourself?

  8. Are you dissatisfied with the investment advice from your current financial adviso, or feel like he might not be acting in your best interest, might be selling you expensive investment products, not relating to you as a physician, might not be giving you objective investment advice, or has an investment philosophy that doesn't make sense to you?

  9. Do you want to start getting your financial life in order by simplifying and organizing it?

  10. Do you want to work with a financial planner who is also a physician, who charges you fees directly, does not sell any financial or investment products, is a fiduciary, acts in your best interest, gives you objective advice, and has an investment philosophy that is based on academic science not guesswork and speculation?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions, then you've come to the right place because I've helped physicians like you with their personal, financial, and investment challenges.

It starts with getting your FREE Financial Consultation with me so we can learn about your concerns and frustrations, discuss your goals, and start coming up with an action plan to make smarter money decisions. 

In My Opinion Doctors Want These 5 Outcomes:

  1. Build up enough wealth so you can work on your terms 

  2. Freedom to enjoy other aspects in life besides just practicing medicine 

  3. A simplified and organized financial life 

  4. A plan of action and systematic process for making financial decisions 

  5. Reaching a point in life where you find that work may be optional not mandatory

How do you start working toward all of this? It begins with having a financial coach who will hold you accountable for your financial decisions.

Don’t be like many physicians who are stuck in the mud with their finances, make no progress, get stressed out over money, and wonder why they’re still working full time in their 60s. It’s time to take control of your finances and investments and get them in order.

Check out this website, my story and the services I offer and then sign up for your FREE Financial Consultation.

I’ll talk to you soon!

Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®, RICP®

President and Wealth Manager - Physician Wealth Solutions

Emergency Medicine Physician -- Retired before age 40



Are you ready to start taking control of your finances and investments?

Are you sick and tired of managing your finances and investments by yourself and making big financial mistakes?

Are you disappointed with your current financial advisor who may 

not be acting in your best interests, might not be giving you objective advice, 

or might be selling you expensive or inappropriate financial products?

If you said Yes to any of those questions then set up your FREE Financial Coaching Session.



Top 7 Benefits Of Your FREE Financial Consultation

Why I think the free consultation may be valuable to you and what we’ll do:

  1. Start organizing your financial life -- Are your finances a mess? We'll start sorting them out, address the key areas you are concerned about, figure out what your goals are, and what you want to achieve
  2. Point out big financial and investment mistakes you or your financial advisor may be making -- this alone is worth setting up the session with me
  3. Determine whether your financial advisor is a fiduciary and acting in your best interests -- Is he giving you objective advice or selling you expensive or potentially inappropriate financial products? We’ll find out.
  4. Review your investment and retirement portfolio to see if it makes sense -- Do you have a sound investment philosophy or are you just gambling with your hard earned money? I’ll show you what you should consider doing.
  5. Live demo my interactive, collaborative, and dynamic goal based financial planning process -- you’ll experience what it’s like to be a client and work together and how I may be able to add  value to you
  6. Start creating an action plan to get your finances and investments in order -- you’ll likely walk away with at least a few ideas you can implement
  7. Determine whether we’re a good fit to work together -- if we're a good fit, then you’ll become a client and we’ll partner together to start your path toward your financial goals. If we’re not a good fit and you don’t want to become a client, that’s OK too. You’ll still get all the benefits of the coaching session.


What are you waiting for? The longer you wait, the more frustrated you could become.

Here’s how to set up the Financial Coaching Session and how it works --

Just 3 easy steps:

  1. Click on any of the buttons on this page and choose a day and time that's convenient to you using my online calendar system
  2. I'll then send you an email confirmation which will have a link to a short questionnaire I'd like for you to fill out. Don't worry -- the questionnaire is easy and will only take you 5 minutes to complete.
  3. I'll call you during our scheduled time. The Financial Coaching Session will last about 45 minutes and you’ll get all the benefits described above. Make sure you are in front of your computer because we'll be using some interactive tools including screen sharing. You'll experience what it's like to be a client.

It's that simple.


Are We A Good Fit To Work Together?

Are you a good fit for me? Yes, if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are serious about getting your  financial life in order
  • You are committed to taking action and implementing changes
  • You are an enjoyable person to work with
  • You value an ongoing and long term relationship with a trusted coach and advisor

Am I a good fit for you? Yes, if you want the following:

  • You want an advisor who is one of you and understands the challenges physicians face
  • You want comprehensive, ongoing, personal financial planning that encompasses major areas of your financial life
  • You want a fee only advisor who is paid directly by you and does not sell financial products
  • You want an advisor who is a fiduciary, provides objective financial and investment advice and who is required to act in your best interests
  • You want an advisor who communicates with you regularly and spends time with you
  • You want an advisor who "eats his own cooking" and manages his personal finances and investments using a similar investment philosophy that he recommends to you
  • You want an advisor who's enjoyable to work with

See if we’re a good fit to work together.

Schedule your FREE Financial Consultation NOW!



Is your financial advisor also a physician like you?


Meet Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®, RICP®

Financial Planner, Investment Advisor, and Physician


Who Am I?

I’m Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®, RICP® and I’m a financial planner, investment advisor and physician. Through financial planning and investment management, I help physicians like you to get your financial life in order and start making smarter decisions about your money.

I’m also a physician like you, but I retired from practicing medicine before age 40!

Almost all of my clients are physicians from various medical specialties coast to coast.

In my opinion, my experience as a physician gives me the ability to understand your situation a little better because I've probably faced the same financial, career, and life challenges you face.

In my opinion your financial advisor cannot truly understand you as a physician unless your advisor is also a physician - that’s the connection I may be able to bring to you.

In my opinion your financial advisor cannot truly understand what doctors go through such as: 

  • Enduring more than a decade of grueling training, education and exams
  • Staying up all night every 3 or 4 nights and then work the next day dead tired 
  • Having someone else’s life literally in your hands 
  • Being held to a standard of perfection that almost no other occupation is held to 
  • Getting blamed for events that you have no control over 
  • Facing continuous scrutiny from the government and third parties who have their hands in your pockets and think you make too much money 
  • Worrying about the threat of being sued every day 
  • Sacrificing  so many of your weekends, holidays and family time

I don't think your financial advisor can truly grasp all of that unless your advisor is also a physician like you.

And that’s why I’m different. I am one of you. I’ve probably experienced the same challenges you’ve faced. Can your financial advisor say that? I doubt it.

But I can.

You see, financial planning and investment management is a deeply personal and ongoing relationship. It goes beyond just making trades and crunching some numbers. Because I'm also a physician, I may be able to connect and relate to you in a deeper way.

Why Should You Believe Me?

I know you're raising your eyebrows at this point. You're probably saying to yourself...

"I mean seriously...a doctor who transformed into a financial planner to help other doctors?"

"Did you lose your medical license? Did you just snap one day and go nuts? Are you competent to manage other physicians’ finances and investments? Is this a joke or a scam, Are you wasting my time?"

Here's a brief background on my education and experience to erase your skepticism:

  • Graduated as valedictorian of my high school class from Woodward Academy in Atlanta, GA — a large independent private school
  • Graduated from Johns Hopkins University for college -- one of the top colleges in the US
  • Received my MD degree from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine  -- one of the top medical schools in the world
  • Previously board certified in emergency medicine and worked full time as an emergency medicine physician
  • Am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional -- the gold standard designation in the financial planning profession and covers such areas as investment planning, tax planning, insurance planning, estate planning, and more
  • Am a Retirement Income Certified Professional® -- a professional designation which provides  me with more knowledge to  help you with retirement income planning
  • Am an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® -- a professional designation from the Center For Fiduciary Studies® which signifies  knowledge of fiduciary responsibility
  • Founder and sole owner of Physician Wealth Solutions -- a fee only financial planning and investment management firm

I’ll admit I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but as you can see I’m no slouch either. And no I didn't lose my medical license. And no this isn't a scam. In fact I take this very seriously. And you should too if you care about getting your finances and investments in order and working toward living your life on your terms.

My Story

I’ve got an embarrassing confession to make: I made a ton of financial mistakes early in my career -- perhaps the same ones you might be making now. I had no clue what I was doing with my investments and I didn’t know anything about retirement planning, disability insurance, estate planning, or college planning. I didn’t have a single hour in medical school or residency devoted to financial planning, yet it became a big part of my life and affected everything else is my life that was important to me.

Despite those mistakes I still retired from medicine before age 40!

No, it’s not a typo and no I didn’t win the lottery. Here’s how I did it:

My wife and I are both physicians -- we met in medical school at Johns Hopkins -- but unlike most doctors, we made our finances and investments a priority early in our careers.

That mindset about the value of money originated from our humble upbringings. When my parents moved to this country, my dad trained all over again as a physician so we had very little money and few material possessions. My mom worked at 7-Eleven and other odd jobs just to support us. Our “dining room table” was a cardboard box! My wife’s parents toiled 12 hours a day 7 days a week working at Chinese fast food places.

Those experiences shaped the way we valued money. We saw money as a tool that could allow us to eventually do what we want, how we want, and when we want. When my wife and I graduated from medical school and residency, we committed to taking control of our finances right from the get go.

While we enjoyed certain aspects of practicing medicine, like many physicians we eventually got sick and tired of all the BS we have to put up with: lawsuits, paperwork and electronic medical records, annual tests, hospital administrators, nightshifts, the ridiculous volume of patients we have to see, and on and on and on.

Taking control of our finances at an early age wasn’t easy.

You see, we made a ton of financial mistakes that cost us dearly. We had no clue what we were doing with our investments, and I didn’t know anything about financial planning.

We also saw so many of our physician colleagues giving up their weekends, nights and holidays because they didn’t have their financial lives in order -- in my opinion many of them looked miserable. We decided we didn’t want to be like that. We wanted to take control of our situation.

The increasing complexity of our personal financial lives was what first ignited my passion for financial planning and investment management.

But something else really added fuel to the fire...

My Passion and Desire To Help Physicians

I’m quite disappointed with poor advice many financial advisors give to doctors. In my opinion, many sell expensive and inappropriate investment products. When I hired a financial advisor early in my career, I felt like he was just a salesman peddling products not giving me the objective financial and investment advice I needed. His answer to most of my financial challenges was to keep selling me expensive whole life insurance policies. Unlike a physician, he was not a fiduciary and wasn’t acting in my best interests.

In my opinion it’s sort of like you getting paid by the pharmaceutical companies for the drugs you prescribe instead of the service you provide to a patient. You wouldn’t do that to patients, but many financial advisors get paid based on the products they sell you not the advice they give.

To me that didn't make sense.

I felt like many physicians either didn’t know what they were doing if they managed their finances by themselves, or they hired financial advisors who weren’t fiduciaries and who weren't acting in their best interests.

I feel physicians deserve objective fee only investment and financial advice from their financial advisors -- in my opinion from someone who is also a physician, who has made similar mistakes that you may have made, and who acts in your best interests just like you do for your patients.

So I decided to become a financial planner for doctors.

This is a passion of mine. I know firsthand the hard work and dedication it takes to be a doctor -- because I am one -- and I can personally relate to the challenges you face. My goal is to help fellow physicians like you make smarter decisions with your money and get closer to your own financial goals.

I encourage you to sign up for your FREE Financial Consultation with me. I think you'll find the consultation to be valuable to you. It's a relaxed conversation where we'll talk about your frustrations, concerns, challenges, and goals and come up with an action plan to start carving your path to financial success. Just follow the prompts on this page to sign up.

So that’s a little bit about me. I’d enjoy hearing your story and connecting with you during your FREE Financial Coaching Session

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®, RICP®

Financial planner and Investment Advisor -- Physician Wealth Solutions



Do you have a systematic process for managing your finances? Now you do.

Explore how we'll work together and how I may be able to help you 


Here's What We'll Strive To Achieve

  • Get and keep your financial house in order

  • Protect, enhance, and transfer your wealth

  • Make smart decisions about your money

  • Minimize or avoid costly mistakes

  • And more!

Protect your wealth through insurance planning and risk management

  • Do I have enough liquidity?
  • How much and what types of life insurance do I need to protect my family?
  • What happens if I become disabled and how can I protect my income?
  • Coordination with insurance professionals
  • And  more!

Enhance your wealth through investment and retirement planning

  • What is the proper mix of investments for my unique situation?
  • How much risk should I take to achieve my long term financial goals?
  • How do I tax manage my investment portfolio?
  • How much money do I need to retire so I lower my chance of outliving my money?
  • What retirement vehicles should I use to fund my retirement?
  • Coordination with CPAs and accountants
  • And  more!

Transfer your wealth through education and estate planning

  • What documents do I need to protect my family and my assets after I die?
  • How do I minimize the impact of death taxes?
  • How do I title my assets to efficiently transfer those assets to my loved ones?
  • What options are available to me to fund my children's education?
  • Coordination with estate planning attorneys and legal professionals
  • And  more!

*Some of the above services will require the assistance of other professional advisors such as insurance specialists, CPAs/accountants,  estate planning attorneys, and others

My Core Values To You*

In my opinion a financial planner should adhere to some core philosophical principles to help clients such as:


Bring order to your financial life on “macro” level (investments, insurance, retirement, education...) and “micro” level (cash flow: income, spending, savings, taxes)


Help you follow through on financial commitments, work with you to prioritize goals, show steps you need to take, 

and regularly review progress towards achieving your goals


Help you avoid emotionally driven financial decisions, consult with you at key moments of decision-making, managing and disclosing any potential conflicts of interest


Anticipate life transitions, be prepared for them and create an action plan to address them


Explore knowledge needed for your financial plan to succeed by understanding your situation, providing resources to help make your decisions, and explain options and risks of each choice 


Work collaboratively with you not just for you with transparency and be your financial coach

*Core Values philosophy is based on Mitch Anthony's ROI to ROL framework (www.mitchanthony.com)

Here’s How We’ll Work Together

#1: Interact To Create and Implement Your Goal Based Financial Plan

  • We’ll work together to create and adapt your financial plan on a regular basis using interactive tools
  • We’ll create various scenarios to model events which can derail your finances and discuss steps to address those events
  • We’ll review major aspects of your finances, identify gaps, create an action plan, and implement the plan

Will you be able to achieve your goals?

Do you need to save more or work longer?

#2: Organize Your Financial Life With Your Personal Wealth Website

  • You’ll get your own personal website to organize your finances -- you’ll be able to see what you have, where it is, and what it’s worth
  • You’ll see what you own and what you owe -- consolidated, visualized, and updated regularly
  • We’ll track your spending and cash flows to hold you accountable
  • You can store your important financial documents in your personal online vault
  • You can access your website on your mobile phone

View your financial life on one page

store your important financial documents

Keep track of income, spending, and savings

update your net worth, assets and liabilities

#3: Manage or Advise All Your Investments Including Your 401k Plan...No Matter Where They're Located

  • We’ll integrate your 401k and other retirement plans into a holistic investment plan
  • You’ll see the performance and allocation of your overall portfolio
  • We’ll employ evidence based investing and use academic studies and financial science to guide investment decisions not guesswork and speculation
  • We’ll use an evidence based investment philosophy and adhere to these 5 principles: own the entire market, diversify broadly, keep product costs reasonable, minimize taxes, and stay the course

view your investment accounts in one place

keep track of your investment contributions

view your portfolio performance

view your investment positions across all accounts

#4: Collaborate With You Through Personal One-To-One Coaching Sessions

  • We’ll create a structured and regimented approach to review and implement your plan
  • We’ll use screen sharing and video to personalize your experience during our one-on-one meetings
  • You'll get to schedule coaching sessions with me at a day and time that's convenient for you using my online calendar system so I can dedicate my time only to you
  • I'll reach out to you proactively for regular review sessions as well

we'll review your portfolio wherever it's located

we'll use a structured approach to review your finances and implement changes as needed

we'll review whether you're on track to reach your goals

you can schedule meetings and calls at your convenience

#5: Communicate With You Regularly Through Client Educational Content

  • I'll send you periodic email communication on various financial planning and investment topics that are important to you
  • I'll cover a wide range of financial planning topics you're concerned about and present them in a way you'll understand

Ready to Get Started?




Send a message or call

For general questions, fill out the form and we'll be in touch: